Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Cover Photo

Career Ideas for Aspiring DepEd Public School Teachers

If you aspire to be a public school teacher at Department of Education, you have to accept the truth – it’s not as easy as it seems to be! You need to undergo four stages to get a career as a DepEd public school teacher. These stages are mainly the following: Reviewing and passing LET … Read more

Bizmates Application Guide: How and Why

Bizmates Application Guide: How and Why

Bizmates is perfect for HOME-BASED teaching!  Please read from the beginning until the end. Every detail is helpful! I claim this not because you’re about to read an article but because of the POSITIVE EXPERIENCES and RESULTS I gained from this stint. What you are about to read, Bizmates Application Guide: How and Why, are all based … Read more

Clopified… Collective Learning of People. What? Why? How?

  A coin with two sides may have two opposing opinions, A story with three characters are expected to have three different perspectives, A play with four, six or more actors should have four, six or more contradicting dialogues, A world with hundreds, thousands, or millions of beautiful creatures, therefore, have more than millions of … Read more

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