gcash favorite financial

5 Favorite GCash Features

If there’s one app I truly enjoy using its features, no doubt it’s GCash.  GCash features set it apart from other online applications. For so long, it has been my life-saver from long queues, sudden money transfers, and emergencies. While others use it for shopping, I mostly use it for work or business needs.  Given … Read more

register and pay meralco bill online

Register and Pay Meralco Bill Online using Credit Card or Debit Card

Register and pay Meralco bill online using credit card or debit card for two reasons: convenience and efficiency! Let’s face it. We live in a fast-paced society due to technology and relentless demands from our responsibilities. Everyday, we focus on getting things done until we set aside the simple tasks. One of the things we … Read more

Clopified… Collective Learning of People. What? Why? How?

  A coin with two sides may have two opposing opinions, A story with three characters are expected to have three different perspectives, A play with four, six or more actors should have four, six or more contradicting dialogues, A world with hundreds, thousands, or millions of beautiful creatures, therefore, have more than millions of … Read more

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