A girl is successful in showing consistency by applying small things to achieve big ones

Consistency: Small Things Make up the BIG ONES!

  One day, you’ll be as passionate as fire, The next day, you’ll be as cold as ice, You continued the passion despite the woes, Until you claimed the silver and gold. How did that happen?! 70 kilograms! Apparently, I was OVERWEIGHT. There must be something wrong. I was sure about it! How could a thin … Read more

A boy starting his journey as to how he can go back to basics

Go Back to Basics: Self, Loved ones, and Society

  No matter how long the journey is, Be it to the north to south or west to east, We started at a certain point… A beginning that ignited it all. Why? When did you last answer this question?  Have you even tried searching for answers? Why do you force yourself to wake up in … Read more

Clopified… Collective Learning of People. What? Why? How?

  A coin with two sides may have two opposing opinions, A story with three characters are expected to have three different perspectives, A play with four, six or more actors should have four, six or more contradicting dialogues, A world with hundreds, thousands, or millions of beautiful creatures, therefore, have more than millions of … Read more

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