Control of Documented Information: Skills Training



This is a training course that aims to provide the participants with the knowledge and understanding to properly interpret the requirements of ISO standards for control of documents and records and implement them to suit the needs of their organizations.

It also provides guidelines to help them improve their file management processes.

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What Will I Learn?

  • File Management
  • Documentation
  • 5S Good Housekeeping

Topics for this course

6 Lessons

Module 1: Introduction?

I. Module 1: Introduction
a. The Standard Requirement for Control of Documented Information
b. The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
c. Definition of a Documented Information
d. Objectives of Documentation
e. Hierarchy of Documentation
f. Assessment
Introduction Module Assessment

Module 2: Documenting Your Processes?

II. Module 2: Documenting Your Processes
a. Procedures
b. Policy
c. Standard Operating Procedures
d. Assessment

Module 3: Effective Infrastructure of Documentation?

III. Module 3: Effective Infrastructure of Documentation
a. Hard Copy
b. Electronic Copy
c. Assessment

Module 4: Control of Document?

IV. Module 4: Control of Document
a. Interpretation of the Standard Requirements
b. Document Control Procedure
c. Roles of a Document Controller
d. Assessment

Module 5: Control of Record?

V. Module 5: Control of Record
a. Interpretation of the Standard Requirements
b. Record Control Procedure
c. Assessment

Module 6: Control of Documented Information – A 5S Opportunity?

VI. Module 6: Control of Documented Information – A 5S Opportunity
a. What is 5S?
b. The 5S Methodology
c. Assessment

About the instructors

Why am I doing this?
It's more of a passion than a profession...
To enable and capacitate an individual to aid in an organization's success and continual improvement.

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Target Audience

  • Document Controller
  • Office Staff
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Control Personnel