Footnote To Youth by Jose Garcia Villa

Footnote to youth is a short story written  by Jose Garcia Villa. This is a common literary piece that students encounter when they study Philippine Literature.

Footnote to youth is about a young man who wants to marry at an early age. The idea of marrying in the story has been a wrong doing that becomes a cycle.  The social status of the characters and  the place where they live affect all the decisions that they made in the story.

In general, the short story is a message to all the teenagers who quickly decide base on their emotion. The story gives a very clear message about love and life.

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Multiplication Table 1-20

This multiplication table 1-20 is a simple tabular reviewer  for students who are having a hard time in their mathematics subject.

You are free to modify this Multiplication table 1-20. You can add your own design or even print this and share to your classmates.  There are other printable multiplication sheets on this web, feel free to check it.

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