Transferring my records from my previous company RDO to my residence RDO

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    • BIR memorandum order no. 37-2019 as of May 2019 which states that:

    An employee earning purely compensation income who will change or will have a new employer or will transfer from Head Office to another branch office (or vice versa) of the same employer or company shall have his/her TIN registration records be transferred to the RDO having jurisdiction over the place of his/her residence and not to the RDO of his/her new employer. The said employee shall submit the duly accomplished and signed BIR Form No. 1905 to the old/previous RDO where the employee is registered who shall execute the transfer of registration of employee within twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of BIR Form No. 1905. In case the employee’s location is relatively far from and/or unable to visit the old/previous RDO for the submission of application of transfer of registration, a faxed/email copy of BIR Form 1905, with signature and valid government issued Identification Card, may  be accepted by the old/previous RDO to effect such request for transfer.

    In case the employer (Head Office or Branch) is transferring to a new different RDO, the following policies are prescribed:


    i. Employees (active/currently employed) earning purely compensation income, whose registration record are the same with the RDO of their employer, shall be automatically carried by the said transferring-employer to its new RDO, except those employees whose residence address and employer’s old business address are both under the jurisdiction of the same old RDO of the transferring-employer.

    ii. The transferring-employer shall require the said employees mentioned above who are earning purely compensation income to accomplish BIR Form No. 1905 (Update Form), and facilitate the mass transfer of employees’ registration by submitting the Update Forms and list of said employees to the old RDO, together with the request for transfer of registration (Update Form) of the said employers, excluding those employees who have been separated prior to the transfer.

    Application for any change in the registration information (BIR Form No. 1905) of an employee shall be submitted by the employee to the RDO where the employee’s TIN is registered.




    1. Inquire first. I directly call BIR to inquire about the place of my RDO. They just ask about my TIN number and then they quickly detected the place of my current RDO.  ( In this case, you can ask your previous employer or you can also call BIR )

    2. BIR 1905. In order for me to do the transfer, I make sure that I have 2 copies of  BIR 1905 and fill out important details. (1 copy will go to BIR and the other one is a receiving copy)

    3. Go to your Previous RDO. After confirming BIR about the place of my RDO, I just go there directly to do the transfer.  In my case, I was registered to RDO 40- BIR Cubao (located in fishermall) because my previous employer is located on Cubao and then I requested to transfer it to BIR Marikina-RDO 45, which is the nearest BIR in my residential address.  (if you are really far from the place where you are registered, you can just simply faxed/email the form/request (BIR 1905) with signature and valid goverment id)

    4. Transfer of RDO will be accomplished by BIR within 24 hours of receipt.



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