Do you agree with no homework policy?

Asked QuestionsCategory: AcademicDo you agree with no homework policy?
Kenneth ReyesKenneth Reyes asked 4 weeks ago
2 Answers
Marie CruzMarie Cruz answered 4 weeks ago

This is a very tricky question but I’d say “NO” for this. Although too many tasks don’t help someone’s learning, there are activities that can’t be done within an hour or so during a class. Some homework activities require intensive research, reading, planning, and reflecting. When this is a requirement, it must be done at home with an ample time for the student to work on it.

Right balance, I guess, is the best solution for this. Provide homework but make sure it’s relevant and manageable.

Donnie MauricioDonnie Mauricio answered 1 week ago

I think the government should consider the environment of every student. Some students can’t always do their homework because they have to do a part time job and other things. It should be balanced. For example, professor/teacher should give an assignment only 2x a week. May mga studyante na maraming class or maraming subject na dapat alalahanin so dpat lang na maging balance ang pag bibigay ng assignment dahil sa kabilang banda makakatulong din naman ito para ma-explore ng mga studyante ang subjects.

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