Does Jose Rizal deserve to be the national hero of the Philippines?

Question BankCategory: Quiz ResourcesDoes Jose Rizal deserve to be the national hero of the Philippines?
Paul GrayPaul Gray asked 3 years ago

Many said that Andres Bonifacio should be the one to recognize as the real hero, but I really think is should be Jose rizal because of his works.

Anna Alvarez Staff replied 3 years ago

I cannot argue whether Jose Rizal deserves to be a national hero or not. If I say YES, many would be butthurt and might present a lot of reasons as to why he does NOT deserve to be one. Same will happen if I say NO. The loyalists of Rizal are willing to be all out in defending the point.

Instead of comparing the two, why not fire down the flame and appreciate why we deserve them. It’s simple.

Jose Rizal set the fire or passion among the other great Filipino heroes. Without his books or novels, Andres Bonifacio and others will not be encouraged to fight over freedom.

Meanwhile, Andres Bonifacio led the mighty warriors. Upon hearing the death of Rizal, he thought of ways on how to conquer them using what he could do best.

In other words, Rizal burned the torch while Bonifacio carried it.

The real question now is this: Do we deserve the freedom both of these heroes and others fought for us?

That’s the real question!

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Emmanuel Solomon asked 3 years ago

Yes, he deserves to be the national hero. Without his courage, Andres Bonifacio may not be there.