How can I make a home made hand sanitizer?

Question BankCategory: Informative Essay QuestionsHow can I make a home made hand sanitizer?
Mary Joy SalasMary Joy Salas asked 1 year ago

It so expensive to but alcohol or commercial hand sanitizer all the time. I will appreciate any of your suggestions here.

1 Answers
April VismonteApril Vismonte Staff asked 1 year ago

The easiest way to do this is Combine the aloe vera gel or glycerin with the isopropyl alcohol in a clean container.

To get one cup of sanitizer, combine ⅓ cup of gel or glycerin with ⅔ cup of rubbing alcohol.
Mix thoroughly with your spoon or whisk to ensure that the alcohol is evenly distributed throughout the gel.

Stir in five drops of an essential oil, if you’re using it. This is entirely optional and is only meant to improve the scent of the sanitizer.

Store the sanitizer in an air-tight container. Alcohol evaporates with time, so an air-tight container will keep your sanitizer effective for longer.