What are the examples of academic texts?

Question BankCategory: English QuestionsWhat are the examples of academic texts?
Romel De GuzmanRomel De Guzman asked 2 years ago

I want to know the list of academic texts that we commonly encounter in school.

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Emmanuel Solomon asked 2 years ago

Before I answer you question, I think it is better first to define the words “academic” and “text”.
Academic, in a simple sense,  has something to do with school, whereas text pertains to any printed materials that we can read. So if we combine that idea of Academic and text, these are written texts that you encounter in school.
There are many examples of academic texts. I will just discuss the common ones. 

  1. Essay- a short written piece, usually narrative in nature.
  2. Position paper- structure is almost the same with essay. The difference is the purpose. 
  3. Critique paper- written in paragraph form, but here you are making a judgement base on a given criteria.
  4. Research- the structure is institutional. Normally, this is divided into different chapters.
  5. Articles- This may come in any form.
  6. Biographies- Story of someone’s life written by another person.
  7. Autobiographies- Story of life written by the author himself.

There are many more examples of academic texts. I am pretty sure that you encountered some of these already or your teacher will probably give this to you soon.