What are the stages of action research?

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Action research basically has four stages. These are planning, acting, developing and reflecting.

Planning Stage
1. Identifying and limiting the topic : Researchers must decide on what exactly to study. All topics must be relevant. Despite having a large-scale complex, it must be manageable.
2. Gathering information: After identifying and limiting the topic, the next step is preliminary information gathering, it refers to as reconnaissance. Information gathering can be as simple as talking with other teachers, counselors, or administrators in your school or district in order to gauge their perceptions of your proposed research problem.
3. Reviewing related literature: “Related literature” can be loosely defined as any existing source of information that can shed light on the topic selected for investigation.
4. Developing a research plan: Researchers must specify whether they will use qualitative or quantitative. Once identified, they may proceed in formulating questions and choosing variables.

Acting Stage
1. Collecting data: Decisions must be made about the instruments or other data collection techniques that will be used in the study.
2. Analyzing data: This involves interpretation of the data.

Developing Stage (Developing an Action Plan)
Documented information must be analyzed to create a solution for the problem of the project.

Reflecting Stage
1. Sharing and communicating the results
2. Reflecting on the problems

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