What is an example of a research title?

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Kenneth ReyesKenneth Reyes asked 4 weeks ago

Please discuss how to write a research title and its example.

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Marie CruzMarie Cruz answered 4 weeks ago

How to Write a Research Title (with Example)

1. The title must be formulated before the start of the research work. It may be revised and refined later if needed.
2. The title must contain the subject matter of the study, the locale of the study, and the participants involved.
3. It must be broad enough to include all aspects of the subject matter studied or to be studied. Hence, it must indicate what is expected to be found inside the report.
4. Avoid starting the title with term such as “An Analysis of”, “A Study of”, “An Investigation of”, and the like. All these things are understood to have been done or to be done when a research is conducted.
5. If the title contains more than one line, it must be written like an inverted pyramid, all words in capital letters.

Example of a Research Title:
The Teaching of Science in the High Schools of Province A
as Perceived by the Science Teachers and Students

a.Subject matter: The Teaching of Science
b.Locale of the Study: High Schools of Province A
c.Participants Involved: The Science Teachers and Students

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