What is the best investment that I can do now?

Question BankCategory: Random QuestionsWhat is the best investment that I can do now?
Emmanuel Solomon asked 3 years ago

I have read many investment types, please help me choose the best one.

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Anna Alvarez Staff asked 3 years ago

This digital age has provided us SEVERAL options on investment. Believe me, when I say investment, I am not only talking about financial aspects such as stock market, real estate, or business ventures. It includes non-financial aspects such as self-development. For me, this is the bet investment type.
A person may have all the money in the world but it’s always the attitude and skill that set the game differently. Through Youtube and other online platforms, we can learn the basics of photoshop, marketing, investment, and a lot more. Eventually, these basic knowledge turns into a passion that will soon generate income.
So while basic investment option is good, let’s not forget self-development for growth or progress.

Emmanuel Solomon replied 3 years ago


Gian VelascoGian Velasco asked 12 months ago

Read a lot! That’s what you can do now! You have been staying in your home for quite sometime now because of COVID-19. Get books now! start learning.