What is the difference between “Literature” and “literature”?

Question BankCategory: English QuestionsWhat is the difference between “Literature” and “literature”?
Ronald VillarosaRonald Villarosa asked 2 years ago

Please help, many are saying that the meaning of Literature varies if we start it with a capital letter “L” VS. with a small letter “l”. May someone explain this to me. Thanks

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Anna Alvarez Staff asked 1 year ago

There’s a huge difference. Nowadays, people can write or produce stories. When they get published and become popular, people consider them as “literature”. It can be read; it can be studied. Hence, it’s literature.

Despite the numerous  literary works being produced on a daily basis, not all of them will survive in 50 years. Not all of them will transcend the values or meanings of various generations. Only those which have been immortalized are considered “Literature”.