Why are Koreans so good in making K-drama series?

Asked QuestionsCategory: Movies & SeriesWhy are Koreans so good in making K-drama series?
Micheal SaloresMicheal Salores asked 2 months ago

Why are they so creative?

2 Answers
Anna AlvarezAnna Alvarez answered 2 months ago

Perhaps, most Filipinos are tired of three things:
1. Same loveteam & celebrities: Let’s admit it! Only those who are famous are provided chances and opportunities to star in series or movies with big budget. The only problem is that these celebrities may appear in three movies in one year.
2. Familiar plot twist: Netflix and Indie films are already popular among Filipinos. Why do directors keep on using familiar plot twist? Missing relative? Change of identity? Adultery? Don’t we get tired of these?
3. Daily showing of series or expected movie date release: This has to end. Element of surprise must be revived!
Hence, we resort to watching K-Drama with superb acting and well-crafted plot.

Donnie MauricioDonnie Mauricio answered 2 weeks ago

I think because they invest too much on this. They make sure to have big budget on whatever they do.

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