About Us

What if we could collect the learning of people?

Everyone experiences something worthy to be read, heard, or shared with the world.

The world is too big, and we cannot contain every aspect in one perspective alone. We believe that everyone has the ability to express what they have learned regardless where, when, how, and why they achieved it.

The personal experiences of every reader and user can now be put into collections called courses, articles, questions, learning and files. Limitation is not allowed in the vocabulary bank of this website. If someone wishes to add to his or her collections monthly, weekly, or even daily, he or she has the freedom to do it.

Who are the people we refer in this website?

These people refer to everyone! We acknowledge that the people we meet are coming from different walks of life. Some are educators, engineers, scientists, students, parents, freelancers, and a lot more.

However, these people consist of qualities that are needed to pursue this journey. Kindness, generosity, curiosity, and tenacity but among these qualities lie the most important one: CONSISTENCY!

People who are consistent in calling the search of learning, collecting insights, and creating input are welcome in our team.

They are not afraid to commit mistakes and failures.They know these are necessary to grow and improve. 

Why do we still need Clopified as a website?

The founders behind this website, Alex Zaragoza and Maria Rowena Andrada, share the same vision. However, the traps of life make them experience difficulties that serve as hindrance in achieving their ultimate goal. They have failed so many instances but have supported each other’s back from time to time.

Through this support, they have endured and moved forward to their ultimate vision. Since they have each other and their beautiful loved ones, they desire to have the same community with the world.

Clopified is created to serve as a community for constant reminders of the following:

  • Everyone deserves to be heard!
  • Once heard, everyone will call the learning!
  • The learning will be collected through courses, questions, articles, and files!
  • These are the first steps to create significance in this world!

Call. Collect. Create.
Be Clopified.

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