About Us

Clopified is a collective learning resources of courses, articles, files, and questions from our community members. 

Each member is given the opportunity to start learning by enrolling in free or premium courses, reviewing question bank, learning board, shared files, and articles.

Everyone experiences something worthy to be read, heard, or shared with the world.

The world is too big, and we cannot contain every aspect in one perspective alone. We believe that everyone has the ability to express what they have learned regardless where, when, how, and why they achieved it.

The personal experiences of every reader and user can now be put into collections called courses, articles, questions, learning and files. Limitation is not allowed in the vocabulary bank of this website. If someone wishes to add to his or her collections monthly, weekly, or even daily, he or she has the freedom to do it.

Create Opportunities

Our services are focused on how our members can create opportunities for themselves.

Instructors may create an account to sell their courses online. By using the premium features of our learning system, they are free to share their expertise to different students.

Small business owners are encouraged to share their passion through writing of articles.

Teachers who love to share their passion in what they do must narrate their stories through this platform.

Writers may submit their work and share their thoughts in the most creative way they can think of.