Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Course Instructors

Claim your Privilege

Choose the privilege that best suits your needs. Each privilege has their own requirements or standards.  Kindly check the infographic in Monetize Your Course page. You may start with WeShare Privilege.

Get a free promo code to access the training by following the steps listed below.

  1. Open Google Drive (from Gmail Account)
  2. Add or Create a Folder
  3. Name it with your Last Name, First Name (Dela Cruz, Juan)
  4. Right click; Share it with
  5. Get shareable link – Edit Access – Editor
  6. Send the link via email

Yes! As long as you submit your verification requirements, you will qualify to claim your privilege.

WeShare privilege only requires at least 1 valid ID.

WeTeach privilege requires one valid ID and skills certification.

WeManage privilege requires one valid ID, accreditation, and business registration forms.

Yes! The privilege states “up to” so if you wish to upload 1 course, you may do so. Check the price of your course to know which privilege fits you.

Each premium course goes through a quality review. Although the course uploaders take accountability of the content of each course, we make sure that each course has at least three learning materials & 1 assessment. Know more of this once you qualify for a free training.

You’re welcome to upload unlimited FREE courses. You may start with 5 premium courses. Submit other certifications to list up to 10 premium courses annually.

Any form of management fee is waived as long as you’re able to upload one course annually.

WeShare Privilege 

You may upload unlimited free courses and up to 5 premium courses. Premium courses can be potentially monetized.

Although you may submit free courses, it’s not a requirement. It may serve as a free trial to your students.

Courses must be in line with your expertise. Include at least three learning materials and one assessment to maintain quality.

You may claim WeTeach and WeManage privilege with different requirements.

WeTeach Privilege

You may upload unlimited free courses and up to 10 premium courses. Premium courses can be potentially monetized.

Although Clopified is not fully accountable with the content of the course, we want to make sure that the instructors are qualified to share their expertise among our community.

Any forms of fee are waived as long as you upload one course annually.  We also encourage you to maintain at least 100 points so that you can build credibility as an instructor.

It is not a requirement but it serves as a free trial to your students. By enrolling in your free course, students will get a chance to know the quality of your instruction and learning materials. You may also write an article about yourself and what you do so it can be promoted among our community.

You may claim WeManage Privilege with different requirements.

WeManage Privilege

You may upload unlimited free and premium courses. Premium courses can be potentially monetized.

We are open for a free demonstration via Zoom. We are willing to provide a 30-minute training to your team. If you wish to use our platform without deductible commission rates, you may opt for a different product.

It allows you to use our platform without commission rates for as low as P2,000 per month. Get to know more about our products and services. Send us a message via email or Facebook.

We acknowledge that there might be several guidelines and policies for each organization. Please feel free to follow the guidelines to qualify each participant for the certification.


Set the fee of each course based on your recommended pricing. The starting rate of each course is P200. However, take note of the requirement for each privilege: WeShare (P200 – P1,000), WeTeach (Up to P3,000) and WeManage (starts from P3,000).

Your dashboard includes digital wallet. It shows real time earning from each student. You will get 80% for each transaction. The 20% serves as a transaction and administrative fees to maintain our payment channel and eLearning platform.

Nominate your bank account and simply request for a withdrawal. Withdrawal request cutoff is every 20th of the month. Payment will be deposited within 10 days.