Privacy Policy

Clopified community respects privacy of every contributor by protecting any data. The contributor comprises users regardless of the activity engaged – submission of article, posting of files, or adding and answering queries. This section discusses how we protect data of our dear users.

Will my activity on the website be tracked by others?

This community collaborates with Google through e-mail, advertisements, and data. Search history may be sent to Google for analysis of the online user behavior. Rest assured that the above mentioned factors are the only transmitted information. Any basic information such as persona e-mail address or full name are protected by the website.

Should I accept or decline cookies?

Cookies are used by third party vendors, including Google, to match the ads and the interests of the users. Visits are based on the activity on the website of prior visits. Users may accept or reject cookies depending on the setting. Some sections may show pop up boxes to ask whether cookies are accepted or not. It may be personalized through Ad settings.

What links can I include in my output?

Writers for any section are allowed to include links on their output. The links are used as references or back up support data only. The users are responsible for any copyright statement. Clopified does not intent to break any policy statement from the source of links.

Will my data be secured by the website?

As mentioned earlier, users information specifically the personal e-mail address will be secured by the Clopified community. They are automatically subscribed to our newsletters for updates but they cannot be sent to any third party vendors. Users may unsubscribe anytime if they wish not to receive any updates or announcements from our team. 

If I have any problem, will I be able to contact Clopified team?

You may contact Clopified community through e-mail or social media accounts. Response will be submitted in 1-3 business days.