Terms of Use

A. Who are eligible users of Clopified?

  1. Our community welcomes users from all walks of life – teacher, engineers, architects, writers, professionals, non-professionals, students, etc. There is NO BOUNDARY in joining this except for one quality – WILLINGNESS to join the CALL, COLLECT and CREATE movement. This is the purpose of Clopified.
  2. Potential users who are willing to join the movement must have VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. Enter the credentials needed such as your basic information. Make sure to activate it by clicking the link to avoid deactivation of account.
  3. QUALITY more than QUANTITY. As much as we want a growing community in numbers, we are serious in maintaining QUALITY. We encourage, not impose, our users to be active. We dream of a community whose shared learning is their passion.

B.  How can I maximize my membership in Clopified?

  1. What did you learn today? Post learning. This doesn’t have a template. It only needs pure learning from the user. The user, however, must welcome any answers or comments from others.
  2. What questions are you looking for? Review our question bank or add questions. Our page collects the most common questions used in board exam, entrance tests, small talk, essay, and others. This forms the question bank that can be used by all members. You may contribute to our growing collections by adding questions.
  3. What do you want to share? Share files. Clopified may serve as an avenue for our users. Any public documents may be uploaded to centralize and consolidate the important files in the vast world of internet. Any copyrighted material is PROHIBITED to be shared. The user will be liable for the act.
  4. What experience do you like to share? Write articles. We want to read articles from every user. Perfection is not what we need. It’s sincerity that counts. Write anything as long as it is tagged under the right category. In case that the article is included in another classification, the administrators have the right to move it to another class with or without notification from the user.
  5. What do you want to create? Submit courses. If you are skilled or expert in a particular field, submit courses and we’ll provide you a free platform.

C. Will my entries be approved?

  1. We practice INITIATIVE and INDEPENDENCE. Aside from other violations such as harassment, profanity, illegal matters and others, we prohibit PLAGIARISM. Intellectual property is respected; hence, stealing of ideas and articles are not allowed. We expect USERS to have this mindset.
  2. Although entries are approved automatically, they will be removed by the administrator during regular, if not immediate, monitoring of the content.
  3. Violations will be acted upon the copyright rule and international standards.

D. Do I need permission to download the materials?

  1. Any file that is FREE to be downloaded may be obtained from the website. However, they are not allowed to be sold to any group or benefit of others.
  2. Free and premium courses have terms based on terms provided by admin or mentors.

E. After knowing the basic terms of use, what should I do next?

  1. One must maintain active participation and make sure to share everything based on experience. Hence, it must be ACCURATE and must not be made-up unless stated for imagination purposes.
  2. One must honor learning. Remember that others may have learned an idea earlier or later than someone else. In these cases, never belittle any forms of ideas no matter how small they are.
  3. One must be open for having their works be shared to the public or social media. There is no such thing as customized for private people only.
  4. One must not commit ANY VIOLATION against other people, community, law, and beliefs.

F. How will I know if my work is protected by copyright?

  1. As stated continuously, any copyrighted work must not be uploaded on Clopified. It must not be copied from any website. The source must be the user’s experiences, learning, and others.
  2. Meanwhile, every work is also protected by copyright. They are not allowed to be copied by other people.
  3. Violators of copyright issues will be liable for this act. Clopified community is not liable for any cases involving this. This covers any type of work in the website.