LET Review Approach Method Strategy Technique

LET Review: Approach, Method, Strategy, and Technique – Prof Ed

What is the difference of approach, strategy, method, and technique? Let’s discuss the nature of each topic, and how they differ from each other. Under the Principles of Teaching subject, this LET Review note presents the following: nature, situational examples, sample questions, and other references. Nature of Approach, Method, Strategy, and Technique Teaching Approach Teaching … Read more

LET Coverage and Review Notes General Education, Professional Education, and Specialization

LET Coverage and Review Notes: General Education, Professional Education, and Specialization

Where should I start? If this is what you’ve been asking yourself after PRC registration, worry not! I asked the same question when I was in your position – reviewing for LET and aspiring to be a professional teacher. The licensure examination for teachers could be tricky since there were numerous of tips heard from … Read more

PRC LET APPLICATION Requirements and Online application guide

PRC LET Application: Requirements and Online Registration Guide

Congratulations! You’re on your way of becoming a professional teacher. Let’s make your journey official by starting off with the first and most important phase of the process – registration.  Although the steps have been the same from the previous years, there’s no harm in reviewing the requirements and online registration guide for PRC LET … Read more

tips to pass LET self-review guide

Tips to Pass LET: Self-review Guide

If you want to pass LET, you have three points to put on your checklist: schedule, strategy, and support groups. Even if self-review is your choice, you can succeed in your journey in your first take! This is based on my experience, and I sincerely hope this LET self-review guide boosts your confidence in becoming … Read more

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