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How prepared are you for the college entrance exam? Check your knowledge through this College Entrance Exam Reviewer!

We prepared 100 general questions that may or may not be asked during your exam. What matters most is you’re able to practice your TEST SKILLS.

After taking the exam, please review the ANSWER KEY which is also added in this course.

You may also view other shared files uploaded for you! We don’t really know what will be included in your examination. It’s best to study many topics so that you’ll be prepared once the day has come. More often than not, test takers are also pressured with time. This exam has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It’s an ample time for you to finish your own test.

When I had my own entrance exam, I was actually surprised with the unexpected questions included in the test as well. Good thing was that I took all possible college entrance exam reviewer that I could find.

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All the best!