PAG-IBIG Consolidation Request: Steps to Follow

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After 5 months, my PAG-IBIG consolidation request was complete!

To be fair, the branch officer warned me that the process was long. Merging can take months, and I need to keep my reference number.

Initially, I expected it to be done within 2-3 weeks. However, it turned out that PAG-IBIG timeframe for consolidating records is within 5 months. I submitted the request in October 2020 and got an email confirmation in March 2021.

At least, the process is over! Are you planning to do the same?

Here are the steps to follow for a successful PAG-IBIG consolidation request.

1. Know the reason of your PAG-IBIG Consolidation request.

Before you go through the hassle of consolidating your requests, you have to make sure that you actually need it.

PAG-IBIG members request for consolidation if they have:

  • Multiple employers in the past;
  • Plan to avail a housing loan or personal loan; or,
  • Discrepancies in their records, specifically their names.

Although I don’t plan to avail housing loan yet, I’ve had several employers in the past. Also, I found out that my company in Ortigas didn’t input my middle name correctly. Thus, my records were incomplete.

If you think you need to consolidate or merge your records, proceed to step 2.

2. Visit the nearest PAG-IBIG Branch.

Find the nearest PAG-IBIG Branch. Please note that satellites do not handle this type of requests. For instance, I tried visiting Alimall but the officers directed me to P Tuazon Office.

Upon entering the building, kindly tell the security officers that you need to will have PAG-IBIG consolidation request.

The queue is long. So while waiting, make sure to list down your previous employers.

Month – Year : Company Name : Main Address

Download and print this PDF copy as well.

Prepare the list and be ready to discuss your work history with the evaluator. If there’s any problem, just like my middle name issue, you will be informed immediately.

3. Keep the record or reference number indicated in the Acknowledgement Receipt (AR).

The evaluator will give you a proof of consolidation request. In my case, I took a photo of my acknowledgment request (AR).

I was advised to keep it and send a follow up email. Evaluators advised me that this process is long.

4. Contact PAG-IBIG via email, and follow up for your consolidation or merging request.

Consolidation takes weeks before it’s completed. This is why it’s important that you send a follow up email once a month.

Send your inquiry at Your subject must consist of your PAG-IBIG Number and Service Type Request.

Include the following details:

  • Previous Employer’s Name
  • Current Employer’s Name
  • When and where the application submitted
  • May we confirm if the email address used is your personal email address, if not may we ask for your own email address, please?
  • Current Location/City
  • Scanned copy of Acknowledgement Receipt (AR)

5. Wait for a confirmation email that your PAG-IBIG Consolidation request is complete!

That’s it! After constantly sending a follow up email, I was able to consolidate my records.

Right after I read the email, I checked my virtual PAG-IBIG online account. I immediately saw my total contributions and dividends.

I believe the contributions’ maturity date is within 20 years, or equivalent to 240 contributions. Let’s say you choose not to avail PAG-IBIG financing. You may still withdraw the lumpsum of your contributions.

FAQs on PAG-IBIG Consolidation Request

Aside from PAG-IBIG contributions, what other savings program does it offer?

You can also open MP2 savings, which is highly recommended to voluntary members. Or, if you simply wish to increase your contributions, you can discuss it with your employer. It offers higher dividends that regular savings.

Will I enjoy other benefits in PAG-IBIG?

Register for a loyalty plus card. It offers several rewards program in different partner stores.

Is it easy to monitor rewards or savings in PAG-IBIG?

I’m impressed with Virtual PAG-IBIG. It’s easy to use and you can see your dividends quarterly. If you don’t have one yet, register now.

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Apr 4, 2021 9:40 AM

Pwede pala mag follow up. Napakatagl kasi nung sakin

Sherra Han
Apr 4, 2021 5:34 PM

Buti pa sayo na consolidate. Sakin hindi. dun sa malapit sa MRT