How to Build your Own Course: Training for Instructors

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What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the role of instructors
  • Learn how to navigate course dashboard
  • Read terms and conditions

Topics for this course

6 Lessons1h 30m

Section 1. Understanding my Role as an Instructor

What’s my role as an instructor?00:10:00
Assessment 1

Section 2. Course Building

Section 3. Establishing Trainer’s Profile

Section 4. Terms and Conditions

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Thank you for the training. I think I am now equipped with the proper knowledge to build my profile and start my course!

Thank you for the training! Hope it's okay to suggest a voice-over for the slides, so as to help our auditory learners and supplement our visual learners in the learning process. If not possible, then the slides will do. =)

Thank you very much! Very informative!

Thank you for this free training and it was so concise and informative that helps us to become more knowledgeable and equipped course instructor in this eLearning platform.

Thank you for the clear and concise explanations.

Thanks, it was informative

Thank you for the free training!

1,000.00 599.00

Target Audience

  • Instructors
  • Module Writers
  • Trainers | Teachers
  • Lesson Plan Developers