60 Essay Topics for Students

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    by Abbygaile Rodriguez

    Writing an essay is a skill that every student should master. And, like all skills, it is something that you need to practice in order to improve. If you are in need of essay topics in order to practice writing or you need inspiration for your next essay assignment, here are 60 essay topics for you. These prompts will be simple and broad but it is up to you if you want to expound further on the subject and improve it.

    Keeping animals in zoos
    Animal testing
    Is it ethical to have pets?
    Has banning single use straws done anything?
    Marketing on social media
    Is it ethical to make advertisements directed at children?
    Should we read more books?
    Is reading fiction a waste of time?
    Has Netflix changed the film industry?
    Is poetry dead?
    Separating the art from the artist
    Streaming sites versus Regular Television
    The Effects of Online shopping
    The Role of Media on Eating disorders
    Parasocial Relationships
    Social media and self-image
    Fad diets on social media
    Tiktok’s influence on the music industry
    The rampancy of whitening products
    Is war sometimes the only option?
    What does it take to become a politician
    Is voting necessary?
    Performative Activism
    Cancel culture
    Political correctness
    The Evolution of Text linguistics
    College students’ attitude towards meritocracy
    The media’s coverage on community pantries
    Academic performance with online distance learning
    Paternity leave for fathers with newborns
    Genetically modified organisms
    Nuclear energy
    Noise pollution
    Censorship in media
    Space Exploration
    Transit-oriented development in urban structure
    Gun control policies
    Do security cameras in public places violate our right to privacy?
    Essays for sale and academic integrity
    Public health in the Philippines
    Food safety in the household
    Staying on a balanced diet while living on minimum wage
    The “marshmallow test” is not a test of self control
    Wide age gaps in relationships
    Polyamory in different cultures
    Choosing to be a child-free couple
    Why do people get married?
    “Love” is not just for romantic partners
    “Abstinence only” sex education
    Are gender roles inherently bad?
    The right time to be in a relationship
    “Wattpad love” and romanticizing abusive situations
    True happiness
    Anxiety among college students
    Communication barriers
    The pros and cons of social media for online distance learning

    Monica De diosMonica De dios

    The pros and cons of social media for online distance learning

    I like this topic. I might use this one for our next activity.

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