Buying a Laptop over a Desktop

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    Kent LagrosoKent Lagroso

    In this time of pandemic, many professionals and students are forced to have their own personal laptop/desktop. This is to continue most of the activities that happen virtually. The need to have your own gadget is really a must now.

    We know that most of the population have mobile phones.  That’s given.  But what if, we have the options to buy a new laptop or a desktop? What would you choose? Let’s talk about my idea about buying a laptop over a desktop.

    1. You can bring your laptop anywhere. 

    We can always bring our laptop whenever we want to go. It can be in the mall, park, or even in a restaurant. You can always accomplish anything because you have your laptop with you.

    2. It’s multifunctional

    You can use your latop outside of your work/school activities. You can use it for movie viewing with your friends. You can also use it in generating some extra cash like photo editing, video editing, and many more.

    3. It’s energy saver

    As we all know, latops are rechargeable. You can even use it without a direct supply of energy. Unlike desktop, you should always plug it in. We are actually saving energy whenever we use laptop and that’s a good contribution.

    These are the reasons whay I prefer to buy a Laptop over a Desktop. Do you know any other advantages aside from what I mentioned above? I am happy to hear your ideas.

    How about those who are in favor in buying a dekstop? Let’s disscuss it in the commment section below.  I’ll be happy to interact with you.

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