Christmas 2020 in the Philippines: What will happen?

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    Rachelle VillanaRachelle Villana

    It’s too early to discuss this but it’s already September! We’re all aware that it’s the start of Christmas season in the Philippines, right? I mean, we celebrate the longest season, and everybody who has visited the country knows it!

    This year though is going to be different. We don’t need to discuss what exactly happened in 2020 but the way our country is recovering may not be as fast as we have expected it to be.

    Sad Reality

    We still have 1,000+ new cases on a daily basis. Businesses are not yet fully operational. Most stores in commercial establishment have closed. Most people are still asking for help!

    Bright Side

    Lately, I have been going out, and noticed slight changes outside. This is based on my observations, ALONE.

    In May or June, the vibes were really lonely and quiet. I remembered walking around the mall (for groceries, of course) without seeing anyone talking to each other. It was so frustrating to see that.

    In the last weeks of August until September 2020, it was WAY different. The music, the aura, the sales promo – all were different. It looks a little bit alarming that the people were more confident in going out but it’s somehow refreshing to see people accepting the “new normal” life.

    Christmas 2020 in the Philippines: What will happen?

    With these changes, what exactly will happen in our Christmas this year?

    I think….

    1. Filipinos will still be Filipinos. The spirit of happiness and giving will remain, and be done online.

    2. We will slowly regain confidence in connecting with others.

    3. No, there won’t be crowded places anymore. At least, for this year.

    4. Online masses & simbang gabi will be popular!

    5. Social media upload of Christmas party presentations. (LOL)

    I’m literally laughing while typing these but I just hope for a good Christmas.

    What about you? What do you think will be the major changes this Christmas 2020?

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