CitiBank Philippines Supplementary Cards Process

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    One of the greatest cards of Citibank Philippines is Citi Simplicity. If you are a student, fresh graduate or young professional, this one is perfect for you. You don’t need to pay for annual or late fees. They also offer too many rewards even if it’s just your 1st year using the card.

    Another great benefit of Citi Simplicity is adding supplementary cards. I recently added a supplementary card in my account, and I was successful in doing it.

    If you have any questions regarding this, I hope this can help you.

    1. Do I have to visit the main office in Makati to apply for a CitiBank supplementary card?

    No. You can apply online. I submitted all requirements via email at A representative will contact you and verify your details.

    2. What should I send in the supplementary card application?

    Ask the primary card holder to submit the requirements. Fill out the application form and send it via email. Include the primary card and supplementary card holders’ ID.

    3. Is there a possibility of my supplementary card application to be rejected?

    I don’t see any reason of rejecting the application. However, you will be asked to submit the documents when there are incorrect details in the form. In my case, I sent the application form thrice.

    4. How long is the application process?

    In our case, the Citibank officers approved the supplementary card application within 4 business days. I got an email that it was approved, and the tracking number was sent after 2 days. Luckily, it got delivered in 2 days.

    5. I’m just a co-worker. Is it okay to be a supplementary card owner?

    Of course! You just need to explain your relationship with the primary card holder. You don’t need to be the parent, spouse, or children of the owner. As long as there’s an approval from the primary card holder, it’s okay.

    For more details, please visit the official website of Citibank Philippines.

    If you have questions in using credit card, read this – Credit Card FAQs: Philippines

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