Civil Service Exam Reviewer in English Vocabulary Notes

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    Anna Alvarez

    Hi! One my friends told me before that English vocabulary is part of the exam. It can be tricky for some since some words are not commonly used on a daily basis.

    Here are 10 additional words that can be reviewed by all of us:

    Persistent – Hard Working, Endures pain despite challenges
    Ex: Persistent workers are rewarded when they accomplish tasks.

    Benevolent – Kind, Charitable
    Ex: It’s too hard to find benevolent organizations amidst pandemic.

    Benign – Harmless (Medicine)
    Ex: Everyone wished for the diagnosis to be benign tumor.

    Bewildered – Confused, Perplexed
    Ex: Students are bewildered with the actions of the proctor.

    Candid – Truthful, Straightforward
    Ex: He’s been known to be candid in all his interviews.

    Debilitate – Delay, Hinder
    Ex: Do not forget about the issues that he made up to debilitate the process.

    Meticulous – Precise, Great Attention to detail
    Ex: Don’t you know that being meticulous can increase your critical thinking skills?

    Novelty – New, Original, Unusual
    Ex: When listeners find novelty in songs, they support and like to listen to it.

    Unprecedented – Never done, or known before
    Ex: Releasing of transparency report in budget is an unprecedented step.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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