News in the Philippines Reaction: COVID-19 Contact Tracers

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    What’s the latest news in the Philippines?

    DOH says that the Philippines is short of 94,000 contact tracers. It’s been a top news in the Philippines since we all know how extremely important it is to track activities of COVID-19 patients. Transmission happens when our government or health department fails to track the missing link of people the patient has socialized with..

    It has been reported several times for vendors, tricycle drivers, and others who turned out positive after doing so many activities.

    It’s quite alarming to know the news in the Philippines still consist of stories indicating that the curve is not yet flattened

    The government should greatly invest in this particular field. In other countries, most have used technology in tracing these activities. South Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan used smartphones. It was all over the news! In the Philippines, we still relied with human resources or manpower.

    It provides jobs for those who were laid off but I think it’s perfect time for us to use technology. We should all have national ID system, one mobile number policy, and others. The government should strictly implement these rules.

    While we don’t have these yet, I guess I’ll continue reading news in the Philippines regarding COVID-19.


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