Essential Skills for Fresh Grads

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    Micheal SaloresMicheal Salores

    Being top of the class is not enough when you face the real world. For me, you need to learn essential skills to survive the corporate world. If you’re back to face to face classes, please take time in studying the following:

    1. Good Communication Skills: Whether it’s written or oral, please make sure to practice this skill. English is not the only way to have good communication skills. Instead, practice on how to express your ideas coherently.

    2. Business Math / Accounting: Trust me. even if you’re not into banking and finance, you have to be comfortable in working with numbers. Understand how money goes in an out. Do not let money or numbers outsmart you.

    3. Report Writing: When you prepare your CV, you’re doing a report on yourself. Sometimes, good content needs a unique presentation to capture the attention of whoever you’re working with.

    4. Sales. Someone told me before that everything is run by sales. When you present yourself in a job interview, you’re somehow selling your skills to the interviewer. If you can learn this skill, you’ll be able to sell your ideas.

    5. Social interaction. Easier said than done! You’re not going to work alone in the future. You will have to be with different people of different department regardless of what you wish to achieve in the future.

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