Facebook Scam: Please avoid it!

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    by Melanie Alberto

    Don’t talk to strangers!

    Just like what our parents love to tell us, do not talk to strangers. It is  common sense and a simple way to avoid scam. It is better to be cautious for your own security.

    Check the source

    Be rational and don’t get swayed with good promises. Observe the pages or sites you’re checking. Besides, most of the scam technique is noticeable and questionable. This is a good way to analyze things, specifically the marketplace.

    Too Good To be True

    There are lots of cases of scam due to this reason. The sudden winning lottery tickets or getting huge amounts from random messages. However, before you get the “money” you need to pay them first.

    Do Not Click

    Do not click unauthorized links sent by random strangers! Most of this tend to be part of phishing methods. Your personal info might be stolen and your account will be compromised.

    Ask for a Valid ID

    If you are planning to have a transaction to someone you don’t know, ask for a proof of identification. It is also a good way to do research and know that the person is pretty legit.

    Be SMART

    Don’t post any personal information on Facebook or other social media unless you want them to be used by strangers. It is our responsibility to protect personal information. Don’t do things you will regret later!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)