Fake Booking: What does it say about Grab, Foodpanda and others?

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    Monica De diosMonica De dios

    Recently, we have read many stories of fake booking related to well-known delivery applications such as Grab, Foodpanda, LalaFood and others.

    While it’s not a new story, it seems that this situation hasn’t stopped since 2020. Especially now that the people are cautious with going out, food delivery is a better option for everybody.

    What happens if there’s fake booking?

    Fake booking occurs in what appears to be prank to several riders. The rider will receive an order, which usually costs more than 1,000 pesos!

    When the riders arrive in the place, they see themselves with other riders who received the same order as well! Or, they are asked to wait for several hours just to find out that the customer cancelled the order.

    Why does it affect the rider?

    Loss of earning, time, hassle, and inconvenience on the side of the rider. Aside from not receiving the payment, they even need to report it to the admin.

    Good thing, there are kind-hearted netizens willing to pay for these orders.

    One example is the public group – Order Hero Philippines.

    What does it say about Grab, Foodpanda and others?

    Well, I’m not saying that Grab, Foodpanda and others are totally responsible for these. No one is to blame except the one who initiated the fake booking.

    However, it says a lot about companies not being serious on how to end this issue.

    It’s time to require CASHLESS transactions for orders more than P300. Or, better yet, keep it CASHLESS for all transactions.

    While most of us enjoy using cash, we have other options like GCash, Paypal, and debit cards.

    I hope these fake booking or prank stories end. We all deserve to work for our family without these burdens. Sigh.

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    Monica De diosMonica De dios

    Funny bakit ang tagal ma solve to. Until now, meron pa ring nagiging victim. Bukod sa abala, nakaka trauma to sa part ng riders. Imbes na wala silang iintidihin, need pa nila maging alert if they’re possibly being scammed or not.

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