Getting a Master’s Degree vs. Collecting Training Certificates

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    Anna Alvarez

    Somebody asked me today which is better between the two: get a Master’s Degree or collect certificates. My friend wanted to improve her career, and felt that doing either of the two would help.

    That’s actually true. One must not stop from growing once the diploma is received.

    Even if you receive the highest honor in your batch, it’s not going to be the sole reason to climb the corporate ladder!

    Both are important but each of them is applicable in different situations.

    For example, Master’s Degree might be very important for school teachers but may not be so in the training industry. Training industry prefer professionals with various certifications.

    So, I asked her of the questions below.

    1. What career path do you like to take in 5-10 years?

    2. In your chosen path, which is more important: Master’s Degree or Training Certificates? Please choose which is more relevant to your career path.)

    3. Which is more affordable? (It’s better to spend on things which will be more beneficial in the future.)

    4. Do you think you have plenty of time to do both? (If not, focus on one! If you can, you can always do both of them.)

    5. What will be your next steps once both are completed?

    You see, people should stop treating both of them as hobbies that would kill someone’s time. Both require effort, money, and time so we should not pursue anything that won’t be helpful.

    To answer the question, it depends on your needs at the moment, and plans in the future.

    Rachelle VillanaRachelle Villana

    Agree! Actually mas okay na ibagay siya sa career mo or sa profession. Hindi porket uso, eh gagawin mo na.

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