Habits you must practice in your 20’s

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    Lara RamirezLara Ramirez

    We’re forced to think that big achievements are the ultimate goals of our 20’s. But are we only living for these big dreams? What if you can accomplish winning habits in your 20’s that equate to winning a lottery?

    In fact, you need to chill in your 20’s. Instead of accumulating millions, why not start with little habits that will last a lifetime?

    1. Walking Daily

    Easier said that done! When you’re a college student, you wish to walk anywhere with your friends. Now that you’re working, you prefer riding a train, cab or motorcycle just to arrive in a destination which is less than 1KM. Walk daily! Aside from health benefits, it helps you relax.

    2. Meditation

    You don’t need to find a temple to do this. Meditation is simply a me-time without thinking of anything. When you wake up, set aside your phone. Instead, think of nothing, or happy thoughts, or things you should be gratefuly. Breathe in and out 10 times. You’ll see a huge difference.

    3. Pay yourself

    However you wish to pay yourself, do it. Some people like paying themselves by saving while others indulge in recreational activities. Maybe you like a 30-minute massage or Netflix night. Regardless, don’t grow old and stress yourself! Life is short! Your worries now will not be your worries tomorrow.

    4. Read. Watch. Learn

    When we graduate from school, we think that learning has stopped. But remember that learning has nothing to do with age. You can be 40 and you can start learning a new hobby. If you’re in your 20’s, make sure to learn something. A new skill. A new language. A new theory. Don’t stop from learning.

    5. Travel

    Don’t spend too much money cause you don’t have to! But be sure to explore new places, culture or people once in a while.

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