Honda Cars Maintenance Service | Cost and process

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    Kent LagrosoKent Lagroso

    Today, I am going to share my experience in Honda Cars Maintenance Service.  I brought may car yesterday at Honda Cars Quezon Avenue branch and availed 1-year PMS.

    Just a quick reminder before I begin.

    You need to book an appointment in any Honda cars service provider.  For you to have a hassle free transaction, you need to inform them that you plan to avail there service maintenance. They will give you a slot in that particular day. However, there is an instance that even you don’t have any appointment they will just accommodate you. Perhaps, this happens if few customers booked on that day.

    Let’s supposes you have your appointment. You can go in your chosen service provider as early as 8am or 9am. The earlier the better.

    What are the processes in availing your first PMS or maintenance?

    1. As you arrive in your chosen Honda service provider, the guard will assist you. He will ask your name and verify your appointment. If you are in the list, he will guide you where to park, together with other cars that will also undergo a maintenance check.

    2. You will proceed to the service reception area, you need to wait for your name to be called. This time a staff will ask the key of your car. They need to evaluate first the condition of your car. The maintenance staff will make a check list of what’s inside of your car and all scratches or damages that your car has. The staff will also list down the odometer KM reading and the fuel status of your car.

    3. After they make the checklist, you will be called again and you need to sign it. Please read it carefully so that you know what is the current the status of your car before it enters the automobile repair place.

    4. You need to wait again, this time you are waiting for the estimated maintenance cost.  The amount here varies. This depends on the current status of your car.  Honda has an official guide when it comes to PMS pricing. You can check it here.  However, that pricing won’t be the same to actual cost the you will pay. Again, there might be parts that you need to avail so better get informed before you accept the quotation. In addition, remember that there are optional services that you don’t need at all. Some service providers add it on top of what is basically needed. I suggest that you ask everything in the quotation.

    In my case, I paid for almost P8,400 for 1-year PMS. 

    5.  Accept the estimated quotation. The reception service personnel will give you the copy of quotation and an official stub that you will present later after the maintenance service. Usually the PMS ordinarily takes 3-4hrs. You can choose to stay in Honda Customer’s Lounge or go elsewhere.

    6. The Honda personnel will call you through you phone if your car has finished the maintenance.  This time you will receive total amount that you need to pay in the cashier. Please remember that the estimated quotation might go higher or lower.  This is always depend to what the mechanics decided to do for your car’s safety.

    7. Present your paid official receipt and your gate pass. Check if everything is working in your car. Check the pedals, the gear stick, the hand break. Don’t forget to check also all your car’s accessories and possible scratches.

    That’s it.  Congratulations! You are done now with you maintenance! Just remember your next visit there.

    Lisa DanaLisa Dana

    Is it hard to book an appointment in your branch? How long did it take you to get a slot? Thank you!

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