How do I stop worrying about deadlines? Submit it 3 days earlier.

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    Anna Alvarez

    Deadlines are concerning. You always see yourself cramming a day before the due date.

    Let’s say you have to submit a paper on April 10. Most people begin working 3 days before the due date, and submit their work a few minutes before the deadline.

    That’s insane!

    It doesn’t only happen at work. It also happens with credit card due dates, rental fees, bills, and others. Then, you will complain for the poor process, and delayed timeframe of posting or acknowledgment of your work and payment.

    But, what is the real problem? Is it the due date or timeframe? Or, is it us not being early enough to accomplish our responsibilities?

    “How do I stop worrying about deadlines?”

    1. Start working on it at least 7 days prior to due date.

    2. Submit it 3 days earlier. If there’s any problem or issue, at least you still have time to fix it.

    3. Don’t rely on extensions. These don’t happen at all!

    4. Adjust your calendar and personalize your deadline. This is weird but if you can set the deadline for yourself, it’s better to do so!

    Avoid cramming, and lessen your worries.

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