How do you guys feel about teachers using social media in class projects?

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    Julie MakalintangJulie Makalintang

    I understand that teachers have been using social media in class projects ever since Facebook became so popular around the globe. We get to see students uploading tasks online and asking for likes. Whoever gets the most likes will get bonus points or worse, the perfect score. I honestly think it’s a bit absurd to do this since not all students are fans of social media.

    But during the pandemic, schools have incorporated odd ways of integrating social media with class projects. Some of them are even asking students to upload videos. It would be acceptable to do it on YouTube. But to do it on TikTok or Reels is a different story!!

    I’m honestly against this as social media should only be a minor element in teaching, instead of using it as a sole basis of grading students.

    Why should we stop this practice of excessive integration of social media in class projects?

    1. Not everyone will be a social media influencer. I get that social media is fun and somehow boosts confidence online. However, not everyone wants this.

    2. Social media is a tool. Yes, it is just a tool. To make likes or shares as basis for a perfect score is quite unfair.

    3. Online validation is not healthy in the long run. Imagine being disappointed as a kid just because you can’t do the tasks online. It can be unhealthy in the long run. Online validation is something that we should not seek at all times.

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