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    Romel De GuzmanRomel De Guzman

    I was a graduate of BS Education. I taught for almost 5 years in various private institution. I never imagine myself creating websites and relying in this skill as my main source of income.

    In my early years of teaching, I was satisfied with my salary. It was enough for me. However, I compared my income to my friends who work in tech fields. The difference is very huge. I envied them. That was the time I started to study web development and other skills related to technology.

    I spent more than 5 years in understanding the different languages use in creating websites such as CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript.

    How did I learn those languages? I did not force myself. I started by creating websites using a CMS like WordPress.

    This CMS makes the learning process natural. In WordPress, you just need to install themes and plugins. You need to make the right choices and configuration.  Now, if you want to further customize the themes/plugins you need to know how to use those web langugaes I mentioned above.

    Little by little, I understand how those languages work. I did not force myself to memorizes the terms, structure of codes in each language. I was brought to the side of appreciation. I learned by appreciation and the actual use of each language.

    It is not an easy process. It has been 6 years since I started web development and until now, I am still learning new things.

    When it comes to salary, I am very satisfied now.

    If you are also planning to learn how to code, please learn it naturally. Start by doing your own website and not for others. Learn by doing and not just merely memorizing. Get your hands dirty. Invest time and enjoy the process.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)