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    Marineth SanchezMarineth Sanchez

    Have you ever wonder how to answer homework questions properly? Well, it is easy to answer any questions in general but how can we give an intelligent homework answers?

    I am going to share this technique that I have practicing for some quite time now. Take note, I only apply this whenever I answer academic questions.

    First, I always include examples in my answers. Probably at least three examples.

    The more we give examples to our answers, the more we convince the persons listening to us that we know what we are talking.

    Second, I sometimes include a quotation or statement from great people at the end of my answer.

    Whenever I have the chance to connect a quotation in my answer people feel that I have this charisma of connecting meaningful statement.

    Third, I use transitional words in my answers.

    The better the coherence and organization of my answer, the clearer it is to the people listening to me. This makes my answer easy to understand.

    By the way, never forget the confidence whenever you answer questions. Confidence is still key above all. Confidence and your character.

    Thank you so much.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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