How to avoid fake news

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    Jennifer RodriguezJennifer Rodriguez

    In today’s modern world, many information that we read come from social media. We don’t actually open our radio or TV at all. What we just do is we get our phone. We browse our social media accounts and from their we can see some latest news.  These latest news may be from the pages that you follow or a shared post of your friend.

    It is really easy now to get updated to any recent happening or event. However, along with this, the idea of “fake news” arises. This is getting information from a wrong source which is false and unreliable. This is an issue that until now has no solution. Many people get wrong information from those pages or people who are either intentionally or unknowingly spreading fake news.

    Now, if you are concerned to what you are reading and sharing to others, you can actually avoid these fake news in social media. You can do the following below.

    1. Only like and follow verified pages

    Most of the social media websites have this verification function. They will tell you if a certain page has a legit ownership

    2. Don’t read news from a website that is not a fully recognized as media entity in your country

    It is really easy to start a website. Anyone can actually create a website and publish news their. Sometimes, we just click different external links and we read their content.  Most of new websites now are publishing news because of the traffic it gets and earnings from ads.  Rely only to those well-known news entity in your country.

    3. Don’t easily believe to what your friends have shared or reposted on social media

    You have this responsibility to check everything that you read. Let’s say, your friend has posted something about the government.  His post might include now his personal opinion. This will become biased and will promote fake news.

    4. Don’t believe to what famous people say.

    This is the same as the way your friend has posted something. Usually, when we admire celebrities or famous people we tend to think that all they are saying are true. We should not think that way.  One thing to remember, the idea of endorsement in a commercial,  you believe to them because they said positive reviews but in reality it’s different.

    These are some of the ways that we can avoid fake news.  There are many more to include but these are some of the basic guide that you can follow now. If we can prevent fake news, we are helping our country and our world to achieve true peace and unity.

    Thank you so much for reading.

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