How to be a TESDA trainer

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    Jackie SolayaoJackie Solayao

    Are you wondering to the courses of those trainers who are working in a TESDA Recognize training center? Do you want to be TESDA trainer? Here’s what you should you.

    1. Make sure that you have an exsiting NC certificates. 

    These are the national certificates related to your chosen field of interest. May it be any technical skills or vocational skills, those are all fine.  This is one of the requirement of getting yourself ready to becoming a TESDA trainer. If you have any NCII, NCIII, or NCIV certificates, then you should go get one and start your NC training first.

    2. Must have at least 2 years of industry experience.

    It’s not enough that you just have an NC certificate. They also want you to have at least enough experiences in the field that you want to teach.  If this is the first year that you recieved your NC certificate, go ahead and practice it. Learn from there and try to know more natural things about your field.

    3. Find a training for Trainer’s Methodology 1

    This is the only way that you can be a TESDA Trainer. If you pass the first two requirements above, let’s say you have an NC certificate and have at least 2 years industry experiences, then you can apply for TM1 training.  Please remember that there are only few free training centers that offer TM1 traininig. I suggest you ask the main braches of TESDA regarding this training. They will give you the list of authorized centers.

    4. Get your TM1 Certificates and apply in the TESDA Local branch that Issues your certificate.

    This is like applying for a teaching position, you will give your credentials to TESDA local branch.  Also, at this point in time, you can also apply to different private tesda training centers because of your TM1 certificate.

    Those are what you need to know. Goodluck to your training. I look forward to your success in becoming a TESDA Trainer.

    Good luck to your training.

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