How to Choose the Right Company

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    Anna AlvarezAnna Alvarez

    There are only three things I consider in choosing the right company: Location, Benefits, and Long-term Goals.

    Location. Why did I include this? Honestly, I don’t appreciate working in places that will consume much of my time for commuting or traveling. I feel like the 3 hours spent in heavy traffic could be something more productive. I will choose a company in which the office is near my place.

    Benefits. High compensation is good but if there’s no benefits, I’d rather not do it. Honestly, I think it’s better to have good benefits. Health card, insurance, memberships, and others.

    Long-term Goals. Finally, ask yourself this question. Will it benefit me in the long run? If not, please stop wasting your time. Make sure the job contributes something to yourself or skills or development.

    Donnie MauricioDonnie Mauricio

    I admit you are pretty good. All of us should consider the location or working place. No one wants to arrive at the office looking haggard or stressed. Is that right? What we should do is to check if there are opportunities near our place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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