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    I remember the time when I was in college. I did not really appreciate the idea of writing a good resume. I just thought that it was just  a document, a piece of paper that you need to present upon attending your job interview.

    Lately, I realize that writing a good resume is also a skill. It has to be well-crafted that it will present you in a most convicing and antonishing way.

    If we talk about resume, you might also think about CV or curriculum vitae. Before we proceed, let’s just be clear between these two. Resume is shorter than CV. It usually 1-2 pages. On the other hand, CV is a little bit longer. Most of time, CV is used in academe. So, our focus today, is “Resume” in general.

    What are the common sections of resume? 

    1. Header – this is the first section of  the resume. This is very common. This is the top part where you put your scanned photo with your name, address, email and contact number.  It is better that you left- align the content  of header so that it is easy to read and professional looking.

    2. Objective – this is where you put your objective in finding a job. This should be targeted and specific. If you know what you are applying for, then it is better create an objective particular to that job.

    3. Personal information – the part where you put all the details about you and your parents. Gone are the days for that kind of style. You dont need to put everything in this section unless necessary for the job. I suggest, you fill this out with manimal information that is essential to your qualification.

    4. Educational background – you don’t need to include your elementary school. Just include your  last 3  schools.

    5. Working experiences – this is the same with educational background. You dont need to include all your working experiences in this section.  You need choose those that are only related to the job that you are applying.

    6. Skills and Certificates – this is a bonus section for you. If you know that you have skills that are worth mentioning, then list those. Same with the ceritificates, if you think that have those paper that will give you an edge to the other applicants, then be proud of it. Bold it in your resume.

    7. Character references – this is only optional. However, if you are planning to include people in this section, make sure that you are professionally affliated to them and that they can provide good feedback to you whenever someone calls them.

    So these are the section of a resume. There is no standard guidelines when it comes to the order of the latter sections.  It is worth mentioning that new generations today are very creative in writing there resume.  There are more skilled than those who are born in 80’s and 90’s. Though, It’s never to late to make a pitch and produce a good resume that will bring you to your dream job.

    Thank you so much for reading.

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