How to create a good resume

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    Mary Joy SalasMary Joy Salas

    In my case creating a resume is just like creating a craft. You need to give time to it. You need to perfectly analyze what to come first and what to include in each section.   I have three basic rules in creating a good resume

    1. Make it short but complete

    I always believe that the shorter you resume that better it is. However, I don’t ignore the idea of completeness. Whenever you make your resume short make sure as well that important information won’t suffer.

    2. Make it beautiful

    Gone are the days of old and boring style of resume. The pleasing the resume today, the higher that chance it gets the attention of HR. You can add some color or minimal design to your resume.

    3. Make the Organization of each section designed according to the position you are applying.

    We all know that resume has different sections but the way you organize it will depend on the position you are applying. You are selling your self better show what makes you stand out in that particular position.

    Those are my secrets in writing my resume.  Thank you so much. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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