How to Disconnect Globe at Home Broadband Connection

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    Anna Alvarez

    I have recently decided to disconnect our Globe at Home Broadband Connection. I don’t mean to do it as I was quite happy with our signal. It’ just that it might not be needed anymore. So, I decided to disconnect it.

    I had two problems though.

    1. I was still within the 2-year contract of Globe.

    2. I have not called them immediately so our monthly bill piled up.

    How did I solve my problem? I decided to visit their Globe CS Center in Trinoma. Unlike PLDT, Globe centers are located in the mall. It’s quite difficult to call their hotline since it disconnects automatically so going to the mall is still the better option.

    Upon visiting the Globe CS Center, here are the things I was asked to do.

    1. Fill out their online form by entering all details: contact number, account owner, and reason for termination.

    2. A message confirmation will appear stating that a Globe representative will call you.

    3. After 4 hours, somebody from Globe called me to explain how much I would pay. (YES! Prepare for the termination fee)

    4. Settle all the bills, and wait for the confirmation.

    How much will I pay to disconnect Globe Broadband?

    Since I was still in contract with Globe, I was asked to pay 4,500php plus 2 months worth of monthly bill. That’s a total of P8,298! I know! It’s very disappointing to ask us to pay that amount. I mean, two monthly bills will be okay but to add 4,500php is insane!

    It’s something I will never understand. Why do they need to ask for a termination fee? It’s not even 1,000 or 2,000. That’s 4,500 pesos to disconnect Globe broadband!

    What if I don’t pay it?

    Here it is! If you don’t pay for it, somebody from a so-called law firm will contact you. It’s better to be responsible by paying all the bills needed.

    The learning is that to never enter a contract without any guarantee of staying in the place. Otherwise, you will create a problem for yourself.

    If you want to view those plans, you may visit this website.

    Rachelle VillanaRachelle Villana

    Yes! Mahilig kasi sila maningil basta lang maka singil.

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