How to drive an automatic gear car

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    Alice HaroldAlice Harold

    I am not going to share any academic thing here. I am not a teacher at all, but I am just a simple woman who knows how to drive an automatic gear car.

    Are you wondering how to drive an automatic gear car? Have you just enrolled in a driving school near your place? Let me accompany you in your journey in learning how to drive an automatic gear car.

    Many of us, especially woman, wants to learn how to drive a car. In most cases, we learn at first that there two types of car gear or transmissions. We have the manual and automatic.  I know, you think the same way. We don’t want manual. It’s quite hard. We want AUTOMATIC. It is simple and easy to understand.

    I going to teach you now the basic concept of driving an automatic gear car.

    1. Automatic gear only have two pedals. It has break and accelerator only. Imagine you are driving a small cart.  You don’t need think of clutch here like in a manual gear. Just one foot to handle the break and accelerator.

    Remember: You need to use one foot only. You just need to get accustomed in using one foot. Most of the time,  stand by your foot in brake pedal. Automatic gears move forward even you are not pressing the accelerate pedal.

    TIP:  Proper pressing of pedals needs training and practice. Whether you are pressing brake or accelerate pedal, you need to know the right amount of pressure you will apply on it. Imagine you are carrying a 1-month old baby, you are careful in holding a baby, right?  You are careful in touching the baby. This is the same in touching the pedal. You need to be careful and the right amount of pressure is really important.

    2. The gearstick is not that complicated as what you normally see whenever you ride a manual car.  You only need to remember 4 things. “P” for Park,  “D” for drive, “R” for reverse” and “N” for neutral. There are other additional gearstick option depending on the brand of of car but these four are always present.

    You use “Park” whenever you stop for a long period of time or you park your car in a garage. You shift to “Drive” whenever you move forward. “Reverse” whenever you move backward,  and “Neutral” whenever you stop for a short moment.

    Remember: Always look at the shift of your gear stick whenever you apply pressure to the accelerator pedal.  This can cause accident if you plan to accelerate forward but your gear stick is in “reverse” option.

    TIP: If you are new in driving an automatic car, always look at gear stick before you apply pressure to pedal. Also, you can look at the simple gear indicator option behind your wheel to see if you are in right option. You can see it below the gas level indicator of beside the KM reader.

    These two are the main differences of automatic to manual transmission. Meanwhile,  same with the manual cars, you need to remember the following:

    * Stay in your lane whenever possible. This helps you avoid accident.

    * Always look at your side mirror whenever you move to your left or right.  Carelessness is the cause of accident. Everybody accelerates in the road.  It is really important that you have an open or clear surrounding whenever you change your course.

    * Always check the status of your gas, oil breaks, wheels and machine. Before we drive, same as our body, we need to feel if there is something different. This is same with our car. Let’s take care of them and make sure everything is alright before we take the road.

    There are many more that you need to know about driving an automatic gear cars. These are just the basics but I know you learn more at the time that you really driving your car in the road. Experience is the best teacher. Remember that.

    Maria CaraMaria Cara

    Aww! Hirap mag drive pero salamat na rin.

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