How to find the best review center in the Philippines


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    Simon ArcegeSimon Arcege

    If you are currently reviewing for your board or entrance exam, then I think you are planning to enroll in a review center.

    All of us want to pass our examination and we want the best review center to help us with our preparation.

    If you are looking for the right review center to help you, then you may want to consider the following tips below.

    1. Location

    Whenever you want to enroll in a review center, always consider the location of it.  It is supposed to be helpful and hassle-free in your end.  Don’t invest too much to a review center that is far from your home. It will consume much time and will burn you out.  You will only end up reading the review materials at night.

    2. Passing rate performance

    You can easily search for the top performing review center in your place.  You can also look at the background of that review centers. In my case,  I usually search for the Top examinees and look for the review center they have enrolled in.

    3. Teaching/Review Style

    This is one of the most important. I am telling, you’ll get bored if you don’t like the review/teaching style in a review center. How will you know it? I suggest you join an FB group (related to your concern) then ask the members if they know the teaching/strategy of any particular review center.

    4. Materials

    Sometimes, we enroll to get only the materials in that review center.  Before doing so, it is best that you ask the materials that you will be receiving.  You can easily make a judgement if the material is worthy of its value.

    There are many more to consider in finding the best review center.  Always consider your situation and your learning style. That is of great importance.

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