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    Mary Joy SalasMary Joy Salas

    If you are finding a way to learn fast. You are in the right page. Today, I will share to you my secret in learning anything as fast as you can.

    1. Learn by doing

    When you learn something new, practice it immediately. If it’s a skill do it right a way. If it’s a new term or knowledge that is bizarre at first, try to explain it to somebody.  Doing, sharing or teaching what you have learned will put those ideas/skill in your long term memory.

    2. Learn by heart

    Study shows that when you learning something new, along with happy hormones at the particular moment, the process of understanding new ideas or skills will be much easier.

    Love and pleasure develops good and long term memory.

    3. Learn by piece

    Learning doesn’t need to be overwhelming or exaggerated. Learning piece by piece will make up a good memory.  The more we focus on tiny bits of information, the higher the comprehension that we develop.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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