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    Jayna AlanoJayna Alano

    I’ll make this short.  This technique is proven among SHS and JHS. I will share this to you and I hope that you will follow this.

    Before I begin, do you know someone who recently failed in there subject? and do you know the reason why they did not make it? Many are actually failing in their subject because one primary reason. This is being absent all the time.

    I am telling you. Even you fail in your exam or quizzes, as long as you are attending your classes, you still have the chance to pass it.

    So that’s the number 1 rule,  ALWAYS ATTEND YOUR CLASS.

    Another tip is LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE.  I am telling you, if you know how to talk to your teacher, If you know how to ask questions and update your teacher regarding you circumstances,you will never fail in your subject. Communication is the key. Talk to your teacher properly all the time.

    So, that’s it. We only have two tips.

    1. Always attend your class

    2. Learn how to communicate

    Thank you so much. Looking forward that you’ll pass all your subjects.

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