How to review for your board exam

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    Susanna MarieSusanna Marie

    Board exam is one of the most important assessment in our life. We consider it as something that will dictate our future. Most of the time, we tend to invest too much in reviewing for our Board exam.  We don’t care about the money anymore as long as it will guarantee high chances of passing.  However, there are many ways that we can do to make sure that we’ll pass the board exam. I am going to share some of the things that I did when I was reviewing.

    1. Start with a good schedule

    The secret of passing the board exam is how you manage your time. This also applies when you review for it. You need to set a good schedule that will condition your mind for learning. You schedule might be every other day or every morning and evening.

    2. Teach it!

    After you read and memorize your notes, make sure to teach it to your friends or to yourself as well. Remember if you are able to teach something then you fully understand it.

    3. Interact with a group

    The best way to learn is to interact with other people. This does not only guarantee retention of learning but also gives clarification to some false information that you may have read before.

    These are the things that I remember whenever I review for board exam back then. I know these are all simple but you’ll get amazed with the results it can give to you if you really practice this daily.

    Do you have any other reviews tips that you can share here? Feel free to post it here.

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